To exceed 2017 Wall’s Sandwich turnover target with BLG campaign by leveraging with millennial digital behavior.



To introduce the Master of Selfie on how to take away your boring and craving moments you have during the afternoon by combining the best of both worlds (Seflie+Ice cream) in one by exciting consumers with 30 limited edition selfie designs. A more fun way to selfie and snack at the same time.


We introduced the Master of Selfie (Sara Holher) by developing 5 different clips that illustrated the moment of the selected designs on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After creating the awareness of the limited edition selfie designs, we created a Selfie Battle amongst famous “siblings”, “koo-jin”, and “best friends” for consumers to participate and vote via Facebook and Twitter to get a chance to win big selfie prizes. Lastly, we maintained the campaign with always on content that consumers were able to engage and play with.